The Message Of The Mayor

“We have come from ancient times to this day by writing folk songs and poems to the coming of spring and the color of the soil. We became the…

M. Ekrem Oran


Yıldızburnu Ilıca Cafe



Şifne Thermal hotel

“Şifne Thermal”, which is among the firsts of tourism in Çeşme, has been serving its guests since 1969 to relax and find healing.
Located in the Gulf of Şifne, “Şifne Thermal Hotel” is an accommodation facility especially preferred by guests who want to have an efficient holiday in terms of health, with its seafront location and thermal pools.

The thermal water that comes out with its natural charm without using any power from the source within the body of “Şifne Thermal”,
It is recommended as a “Complementary Treatment Element” in the treatment of the ailments specified in detail on the “THERMAL POOL” page of our website.


Dalyan Yatch Port

“Dalyan Marina, the pearl of Çeşme with its natural beauty and sheltered geographical structure, is one of the most preferred marinas in the region.

Its proximity to Ayayorgi Bay and Eşek Island, which are frequent destinations for yachts and sea lovers, Approximately 210 boats can be connected to Dalyan Marina, which draws attention with its extremely safe natural structure, which can be reached by crossing a strait.

Under the leadership of Çeşme Municipality, Dalyan Marina provides quality service to the people of Çeşme and its guests at affordable prices.

Frequent destination of Çeşme


“Çeşme People’s Bread”, whose main purpose is to produce healthy and cheap bread for the people of Çeşme, is Çeştur Ltd., a subsidiary of Çeşme Municipality. continues its activities.

People's Bread

Delicious and
Rich Nutritional